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Why we started . . .

Online remote bootcamps were becoming a more popular way to get into the tech industry post Covid. In most platforms students often pay a high price 💰 watching video tutorials on content that is outdated or is freely available on YouTube and miss out on real collaboration and teamwork skills.

At OpenBootcamp we combine online learning with hands-on activity and live mentoring through our volunteer experts. Currently we offer both, a self-paced learning approach and a live bootcamp at 1% the cost of most bootcamps to our learners.

The name OpenBootcamp comes from the fact that students aged 22 and below can avail education free of cost from us.

Pic: Our founder Manish conducting a live Software Engineering session for students.

Our journey so far

We take immense pride in our global educational presence, which spans learners across more than 30 countries.
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Meet some of your expert mentors

UX/UI Design Mentor
Lau Yamazaki
Product Management Mentor
Liliana Guzman
Web Dev Mentor & Founder
Manish Poduval
Product Management Mentor
Colin Cooper
UX/UI Design Mentor
Jo Ionescu
Web Dev Mentor
Oreol Noumodong
Product Management Mentor
Sunil Subramanian
UX/UI Design Mentor
Fabiana Natali

Why choose OpenBootcamp?

Expert team

Our team comprises individuals who are passionate.


We focus on practical hands-on learning by implementing the concepts in projects.


We're committed to delivering measurable results.


We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to provide learning solutions.

Transfom your life.

A laptop, an internet connection and a will to learn is all you need to get started.