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Our  bootcamps

Web Development

Learn the core-concepts of Full-Stack Web Development which includes Front-End coding in React and Back-end coding in NodeJS and bring your ideas to life.

UX & UI Design

Learn in depth about User Experience & User Interface design to strategically address customer and business problems with great product insights.

Data Analytics

Learn how to collect, process, and analyse data, as well as how to interpret and communicate findings effectively using statistical methods and specialised software.
Coming June 2024


Learn Product Management
Master the core skills of a tech Product Manager, get mentored live as you learn. It's currently free of cost to all learners.

AI Folks

Learn AI & Data Science
Learn to analyse data, build predictive models, and apply AI techniques to solve real-world problems.
Coming April 2024

M School

Learn Digital Marketing
Learn about SEO, social media, content strategy, data analysis, and AI applications to effectively drive and measure business growth.
Coming August 2024

Why choose OpenBootcamp?

Expert team

Our team comprises individuals who are passionate.


We focus on practical hands-on learning by implementing the concepts in projects.


We're committed to delivering measurable results.


We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to provide learning solutions.

Meet some of your expert mentors

UX/UI Design Mentor
Lau Yamazaki
Product Management Mentor
Liliana Guzman
Web Dev Mentor & Founder
Manish Poduval
Product Management Mentor
Colin Cooper
UX/UI Design Mentor
Jo Ionescu
Web Dev Mentor
Oreol Noumodong
Product Management Mentor
Sunil Subramanian
UX/UI Design Mentor
Fabiana Natali

We've got the answers for your questions

What is OpenBootcamp?

Seriously? We had the entire site above talk about us. We cook great sushi. We are a restaurant.

Is there free access?

Yes. Absolutely. We've had situations ourselves where we payed for a bootcamp and didn't like the course and the pedagogy. All our bootcamps come with free trails and access. You also get to see the entire curriculum without sharing your email (Yes, notice how often you've given away your email at most educational platforms to view the curriculum)

What is a "bootcamp" ?

It is an intense practical hands-on learning environment unlike traditional "videos only" online courses. A typical bootcamp has a start and end-date and assignments to be done on a regular basis which are also evaluated by experts. A learner would also get mentored "live" during a bootcamp.

Will I land a job after the bootcamp?

Landing a job is more on you. Yes, we will teach you the right skillset, we will share job postings, we will mentor you, we will teach you to network. But you are the one giving the interview. Getting the job is all about your skills and networking. We won't unnecessarily talk about job guarantees as a marketing gimmick.

Are these bootcamps for beginners or professionals?

Both. We've curated our curriculum in a way that it's beginner friendly and one can join without any prior knowledge. If you are an existing professional we do push you a little harder by raising the bar in assignments.

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