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Practical online bootcamps in UX/UI Design, Web Development & Data Analytics.

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UX & UI Design

Learn UX & UI Design ❤️

With you can join our next upcoming cohort and learn in depth UX & UI to strategically address customer and business problems with great Product Design.

Web Development

Learn Web Development 💚

With you learn the core-concepts of Full-Stack Web Development which includes Front-End coding in React and Back-end coding in NodeJS and MongoDB to bring your ideas to life.

Data Analytics

Learn Data Analytics 💙

Coming Jan, 2024

With you learn everything that needs to be known in this AI driven realm. Learn data sourcing, extraction, transformation, BI, data visualization and more.


critical thinking.

More than the technical knowledge itself, in tech what keeps a person going and makes them stand out is problem solving and critical thinking. We focus more on that.

We're keen on  
improving education and  empowering people.

Join our team and let's reshape education together.

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Join Our Team

Project driven

We believe in practical learning. Yes, we do have videos to guide you but most of the learning comes from actually implementing the knowledge yourself. You will find us giving you tons of activities and assignments.

Personalised Learning

The learning itself is self-paced. We share a personal calendar for each learner in all our courses with the lesson and topics that need to be done helping you keep your progress in check.

Change your life.
Change your life.
Change your life.
Change your life.


As crucial as learning itself is, mentoring plays a crucial role. We collaborate with mentors from platforms like ADPlist to help our learners get mentored. You will also find experts from Open Bootcamp guiding you as you learn.


Bootcamps and tech courses have become mainstream and so has their price and business. We're aware of high priced courses charging upwards of $5000 and we surely aren't heading in that direction. No matter the course price, the skills learnt plays a more important role in landing your job in tech.

We've got the answers for your questions

What is Open Bootcamp?

Seriously? We had the entire site above talk about us. We cook great sushi. We are a restaurant.

Is there free access?

Yes. Absolutely. We've had situations ourselves where we payed for a bootcamp and didn't like the course and the pedagogy. All our bootcamps come with free trails and access.

Will I land a job after the course?

We make you job ready. Landing a job although is more on the learner itself. Yes we will teach you the right skillset, we will share job postings, we will mentor you, we will teach you to network. But you are the one giving the interview. Getting the job is all about your skills and networking.

Are these bootcamps for beginners or professionals?

Both. We've curated our curriculum in a way that it's beginner friendly and one can join without any prior knowledge. If you are an existing professional we do push you a little harder by raising the bar in assignments.